What fixings are used to attach the Airdecks® system?

The fixings which are supplied with the Airdecks system are the Hilti Hus 10 x 100mm screw anchors.

Does the Airdecks system have a mid safety bar fitted?

Yes.  The Airdecks system has an extendable mid safety bar fitted which complies with safety regulations.

How safe is the Airdecks® System?

The Airdecks® system is fully certificated to a safe working load of 250kg with no deflection on any of the working parts. On the day of the test the system was tested to 340kg and would have still taken more weight and once again there was zero deflection.  Since the testing we have also put a car on the Airdecks® system to show how strong the Airdeck really is with no deflection on any of the working parts and the system was taken down and rebuilt into the same holes after this test.

Do the fixings leave holes in my wall?

Yes, but the size of the hole is only 10mm which is smaller than a 5p coin and there are only 2 per wall plate.  These holes can be filled with mortar, mastic or we can supply a colour coded plug as the Airdeck system can be refitted in these same holes.

How do I erect the Airdecks® system?

The Airdecks® system is erected 90% from the ground.  See the video on 'How To Build' the Airdecks system from the heading tab above.

What boards does it take?

It is recommended that when using the new and improved Airdecks® system that metal scaffolding boards should be used.  This is not only more environmentally friendly but offers the user a higher level of safety.  However, wooden scaffolding boards can be used but the span that these boards allow is greatly reduced compared to the metal boards. 

How close to the roof can the Airdeck get?

The Airdecks system can get within 8-10 inches of gutter level enabling safe and easy access to the roof.