About Us

Airdecks Ltd is a family run business which was established in December 2015. We have a great new product to bring to market which will help our customers make massive savings through storage and transportation costs compared to scaffolding.

"Having run my own building business several years ago, I know scaffolding costs a substantial amount so I began to develop a system that would be as strong as scaffolding, if not stronger, less expensive, easier to erect, easily transported and wouldn’t need the storage space scaffolding requires.

After considerable development, the Airdecks®  system has been produced which addresses all these points and more.

We are a business that is 100% customer focused and we continue to adapt and change to the demands of the market.  We have recently negotiated with a leading fabricator a price that makes the Airdecks system even more attractive to our customers.  Our fabricator is fully accredited and has a quality management certification BS EN ISO9001:2015.   We recognise that a safe working platform is the starting point for most projects working at height and the Airdecks® system delivers this completely."

Craig Smith
Managing Director
Airdecks Ltd