Anchor Bolt Fixings used for the Airdecks system

We’ve had a lot of interest in the Airdecks system with lots of enquiries about the anchor bolt fixings we supply.  We use a 10mm x 100mm Thunderbolt™ made by Unifix. This is a truly versitile anchor bolt which allows the wallplate of the Airdecks system to be installed nearer to the edge of a building than traditional anchor fixings.  The Thunderbolt™ uses the substrate as the nut to the bolt which means the strength of the fixing is tremendous.  There is no requirement for any raw plugs or other fixing – the thunderbolt is the only safe anchorage required.  It can be fitted into the following substrates:

  • concrete
  • brick
  • wood
  • marble
  • block
  • stone & more

The beauty of the Thunderbolt™ is that the hole which has been used can be reused again and again if the bolt can be fully tightened.   Airdecks Ltd can supply a plastic plug for the hole (to colour match the building) to allow the Airdecks system to be used in the future without the requirement of drilling further holes.  The diameter of the holes drilled to fit the Airdecks system is 10mm and to put this into context, a 5p coin is 18mm in diameter, therefore the holes being drilled into the substrate are very small.