No Height Restriction

Airdecks tackling a four storey building

No Obstructions

Public access not obstructed compared to scaffolding. Get in touch for a quote!


Constructed of high quality materials all complying to British standards.


Easily transported by car, van or lorry.

The Award-winning Alternative to Scaffolding

The Airdecks® system is  patented, trademarked and certificated to the safe working load 250kg but easily takes considerable more weight.  Manufactured by an accredited fabricator who is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.  The Airdeck® is super strong, light weight and modular.  92% of the Airdeck® system is installed from the ground.  If building metal storage containers 100% of the Airdecks system can be built from the ground.  The Airdeck® system is erected quicker than scaffolding at a fraction of the cost.  GET IN TOUCH NOW FOR A QUOTE TO BUY THE AIRDECK® SYSTEM.

How to build the Airdeck

Benefits of the Airdecks® System compared to scaffolding and other working at height equipment. you`ve seen the rest now try the best


Cost effective compared to scaffolding and other working at height equipment.

Using the Airdecks® system means a massive reduction in costs compared to scaffolding. The average job is approximately half the price you would pay to hire scaffolding. Buying an airdeck, on average, has been cheaper to the consumer than their scaffolding hire quote. Due to the lightweight modular design, the space needed for storage and transportation is minimal and the time to erect the Airdeck® system is a fraction of what it takes to erect scaffolding.  

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Obstruction free compared to scaffolding and other working at height equipment.

The Airdeck® can be fixed to walls at any height, this means no ground level obstruction to workers, pedestrians or vehicles below.  No permits/licences are required when erecting the Airdeck® system in public areas.

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Designed for Strength, Safety and to Save the buyer a massive amount of money compared to scaffolding.

The Airdeck® is a light weight modular system which is incredibly strong.  The Airdeck® expands from 600mm to 2.5 metres in length and steps out from the building in 4 different depths - 3, 4, 5 & 6 board, with a hatch for safe access.  The Airdeck® has been further developed to build metal storage tanks and can be used to carry out work under bridges without causing obstructions to users.  

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The safe, strong and portable alternative to traditional scaffolding.

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