Super Strong

Fully certificated to the SWL plus

No obstructions to vehicles or pedestrians

Airdecks system using Tube & Fitting scaffolding

Very quick and easy to erect

Constructed of high quality materials all complying to British standards.

Board securing plates

No more overlapping boards using this system unique to the Airdecks system

The New Airdecks System Fully Patented Alternative to Scaffolding

SME Award Winners for Innovation 2021

Benefits of the Airdecks System

Massive Cost Savings

Reductions in storage

Savings on transport costs

No obstructions to pedestrians or vehicles when erected

No obstructions to workers when using the system

Quick and easy to erect

Strong and safe

Fully certificated to the SWL

Reduces insurance costs

No permits required as no footprint on public highway

No trip hazards from overlapping boards

Benefits of the Airdecks® System compared to scaffolding and other working at height equipment. you`ve seen the rest now try the best


The Airdecks system board securing plates in place preventing trip hazards from overlapping boards.


Obstruction free compared to scaffolding and other working at height equipment.


Designed for Strength, Safety and to save the buyer a massive amount of money compared to scaffolding.


The safe, strong and portable alternative to traditional scaffolding.

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